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I'm Maxens Dubois, freelance game inventor, producer of some weekly live shows on the Riff webradio and other various stuff under the name Herondil. I am always looking for some cool jobs ! If you got one, you can contact me using the buttons below.


Find my formal resume here : In French

Game Development

I Graduated from ISART Digital Game Design & Programing course

There I learned :

  • - Game & Level Design
  • - Production magnagement
  • - Protoyping
  • - Social Game Design
  • - User Interface
  • - Game Culture



  • HTML5 Javascript, CSS, jQuery
  • Unity C#
  • Java for Android
  • C, Pyhton


Some projects I had the luck to participate in.

Roar Raging Rugby

Play Rugby like never before in this arcade sport game especially made for japan !

I worked on production, mini games prototyping, code architecture, and camera behaviour.

Made with Unity

Brainless Birds

Help the penguin zombies to "befriend" with others on the ice field !

I worked on Game Design, main code architecture and units abilities.

Made for Android/iOS/PC with Java using ADT & Libgdx

Benjack's Adventure

Bomberman meets Bejeweled ! Use your bombs to explode foods, create combos and score !

I made prototype, code, and art integration

Made in HTML with DOM elements, compatible with every mobile device

Bubble Market

The first undersea shop management game on mobile !

Prototype made with Anthony Pigeot in one month

Made for Android/iOS/PC in 2D with Unity

More to come

This is a just sneak peek, I'm currently working on uploading new stuff

Stay Tuned !